Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - we've got you covered!


Mini Chicken Tacos - $6.95
Served on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, black olives, cheese, sour cream, & salsa

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks - $7.95
Fried up and served with marinara sauce - Who can resist?   

Mini Corndogs - $6.95  
In the spirit of the state fair! mini corndogs & a side of fries!

Buffalo Fries - $6.95
If you like curly fries, you’ll love these! They are sooo good!!

Cheese Curds - $7.95
We all know one thing for certain: cheese curds are irresistible!

Onion Rings - $6.95
Perfectly beer battered, Fried golden brown!

O.P. Super Nachos - $11.95
Beef or chicken, salsa, tomatoes, black olives, jalapeños, melted cheese & a dollop of sour cream

Jalapeno Cheese Rolls - $8.95
Savory, not too spicy, and full of bold sharp cheddar-jack & cream cheese

Quesadillas - $11.95
Made with a blend of cheeses, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, WITH your choice of chicken or beef. Served with salsa & sour cream, lettuce & black olives

Chicken Strips & Fries - $10.95
A favorite among young and old alike! Served hot and crispy! How can you go wrong?

O.P. Wings!

Traditional Wings - $11.95

Baked, fried, and tossed in your choice of sauce. Served with celery & your choice of ranch or blue cheese 

Boneless Wings - $10.95

Breaded, seasoned, and tossed in your choice of sauce. Served with celery & your choice of ranch or blue cheese 

Sauces Available:

  • Plain
  • Ghost Pepper Dry Rub
  • Chipotle BBQ Dry Rub
  • BBQ
  • Buffalo
  • Sweet Chili BBQ
  • Oyster
  • Honey Garlic
  • Red Hot Ranch
  • Peanut
  • Teriyaki
  • Peanut/Sweet Chili
  • Sweet Chili
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Red Hot Raspberry
  • Our own homemade O.P. Sauce!

*All wings are also available plain with sauces on the side


Deluxe Chef Salad - $11.95
Lettuce, ham, turkey, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, egg, topped with Swiss & American cheeses    

O.P. Cobb Salad - $12.95
Lettuce, turkey, bacon, tomatoes, cucumber, egg, black olives, & shredded cheese    

Taco Salad - $10.95
lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, & cheddar-jack cheese, WITH your choice of beef or chicken

Caesar Salad - $7.95
Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, tomatoes, & croutons
Add chicken for only $3.00

Raspberry Chicken Salad - $12.95
Romaine lettuce, mandarin oranges, red onion, almonds, lemon pepper chicken, & raspberry vinaigrette


Garlic Cheese Wheel - $10.95
Loaded with garlic butter, cheese, & parsley, then baked to perfection on our pizza crust. served with marinara on the side 

Pepperoni - $14.95
Big, bold flavor featuring zesty pizza sauce, The O.P.'s signature three-cheese blend, & sliced pepperoni

Italian Sausage - $14.95
making this classic the old fashioned way, the right way! Our mild Italian sausage is sure to please!

Pepperoni & Sausage - $15.95  
Pepperoni with savory Italian style sausage on top of a pizza? That sounds delicious! Come enjoy this classic flavor adventure today

4-Meat Monster - $19.95
Our all-meat pizza is simply one of a kind! loaded with pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, & bacon

O.P. Supreme - $19.95
Lil’ bit of everything on here! onion, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, Italian sausage, & cheese

Chicken Alfredo - $16.95
Have you tried Chicken Alfredo in pizza form yet? If not, it's a must! Grilled chicken and creamy Alfredo sauce, topped with cheese

Chicken Bacon Red Hot - $16.95
Red hot ranch sauce with chicken, bacon, pepperjack cheese, and pizza cheese. kick it up a notch! 

Buffalo Chicken - $16.95
Combines everything you want in bar food! breaded chicken, buffalo sauce, bleu cheese crumbles, pepperjack cheese, & three-cheese blend

BBQ Chicken - $16.95
This sweet and savory pizza is an instant OP classic! garlic chicken, red onion, the O.P.'s signature three-cheese blend, & savory BBQ

Taco - $16.95
Lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, taco sauce, & cheddar-jack cheese, with your choice of beef or chicken. Olé! 

Hawaiian- $16.95
One of the biggest debates in food history, Hawaiian pizza is a favorite for good reason! Canadian bacon & sweet pineapple were made for each other!

Breakfast Pizza - $16.95
Who says breakfast is just for the morning? Comes topped with eggs, sausage, bacon , ham, & cheese, topped with hollandaise or sausage gravy

Burgers, Wraps, & Sandwiches

Served with your choice of chips, fries, side salad, or soup. Upgrade to sweet potato fries, buffalo fries, or onion rings for only $1.99!

Cheeseburger - $12.95
With lettuce, tomato, & onion

Bacon Cheeseburger - $13.95
With lettuce, tomato, & onion

The Other Place Burger - $15.95
Our signature burger, American cheese, bacon, fried egg, lettuce, raw onions, & O.p. sauce on a fresh baked bun   

Mushroom Swiss Burger - $12.95
Heaping with mushrooms & Swiss cheese, this burger really delivers!

Bleu & Green Olive Burger - $12.95
Tangy bleu cheese & sliced green olives = winner

Cowboy Burger - $13.95
Topped with onion tanglers, cheddar cheese, BBQ, & (of course) bacon!

Rice Lake 4-Alarm Burger - $13.95
With ghost pepper cheese, red peppers, jalapeños, & ghost pepper mayo

Quesadilla Burger - $13.95
Topped with cheddar-jack cheese, pico de gallo, & sour cream. Si, Señor! 

Chicken Club Melt - $11.95
Grilled chicken breast, American cheese, bacon, & tomato on grilled muffin bread

Sicilian Melt - $12.95
Pepperoni, ham, bacon, tomato, & provolone with Italian dressing on grilled sourdough bread

Chicken Tender Melt - $11.95
Breaded chicken tenders, pepperjack cheese, bacon, & tomato on grilled sourdough bread

Frisco Melt - $12.95
American cheese, tomato, fried onion, & 1,000 island dressing, on grilled sourdough

Steak Sandwich - $14.95
Diced steak piled high, topped with onions, mushrooms, & melted provolone cheese

Patty Melt - $11.95
Swiss and American cheese, & grilled onions served on famous Twig rye

Avocado Bacon Chicken Sandwich - $12.95
Your ABC’s start with avocado, bacon, & chicken! Tons of crazy good flavor, packed on a ciabatta bun, topped with lettuce, tomato, & ghost pepper cheese  

Fish Sandwich - $11.95
Breaded & fried with lettuce & cheese

Cajun Chicken Sandwich - $11.95
Diced Cajun chicken on a hoagie, topped with mushroom, onion, spicy mayo, cajun seasoning, & pepperjack cheese 

Reuben - $10.95
Choice of corned beef or turkey, Swiss cheese, 1000 island dressing, & sauerkraut on Twig rye bread

Twig Club Sandwich - $11.95
Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, & mayo

O.P. Wrap - $11.95
Breaded chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, & ranch dressing

Buffalo Chicken Wrap - $11.95
Red hot breaded chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, & ranch dressing

Chicken Caesar Wrap - $11.95
Grilled chicken with Caesar dressing, romaine lettuce, & parmesan cheese
*Substitute steak for $2.00!

Sides & Beverages

Mashed Potatos - $3.00
Served with beef or turkey gravy. load your mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese for only $1.50 more!

Sweet Potato Fries - $3.00

Tater Rounds - $3.00

French Fries - $3.00

Onion Rings - $3.00

Buffalo Fries - $3.00

Baked Potato - $3.00
Load your baked potato with bacon and cheese for only $1.50 more!

Small Caesar Salad - $3.00

Soda - $2.79
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Mug Root Beer, Raspberry Iced, Orange

Coffee - $2.79
(Senior coffee with the purchase of a meal is $1.45)

Iced Tea - $2.79

Lemonade - $2.79

Milk - $2.79

Chocolate Milk - $2.79

Orange juice - $2.79