Breakfast Cocktails
Without booze, it's just breakfast...



Beermosa - $4
16 oz. can of Pabst Blue Ribbon with a side of orange juice.

Coffee Granita - $7
Traditional Bailey’s Coffee, only we kicked it up a notch, O.P. style! Our morning treat includes Bailey’s & Kahlua, topped with whipped cream.

Dreamsicle Screwdriver - $6
For fans of the classic vodka drink, the Dreamsicle Screwdriver is a great alternative! Orange juice, Stoli Vanil, cream, & a splash of 7-up - like your childhood treat, only better!

Bloody Mary - $6.50
If there is one rule we will always abide by, it’s that there is no hangover that a water, an O.P. Bloody Mary, & a cup of coffee can’t help. Besides, when has a cocktail that is pretty much a meal steered you wrong?

Champagne Mule - $6
Give your Moscow Mule a mimosa twist! Vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, mint, & of course - champagne!

Lake Life Mimosa - $6
This drink's gorgeous color is almost as great as it tastes! Midori, pineapple juice, champagne, & Blue Curacao topped with a lime.

Champagne Punch - $6
Has there ever been a more perfect brunch drink? Pineapple juice, champagne, Stoli Vanil, peach schnapps, & mint!

Tequila Sunrise - $6
The perfect pairing with your Mexi-Omelette to satisfy your south-of-the-border cravings! Top breakfast off with a classic Tequila Sunrise! Orange juice & tequila, with a dash of grenadine syrup to add a tart and sweet flavor.

Vikre Gin & Juice - $6
Our Vikre gin and juice cocktail is just what your morning needs! Full of orange juice, your choice of Vikre Juniper, Cedar, or Spruce gin, & a splash of grenadine with a cherry garnish. It’s going to be your new brunch favorite!

O.P. Breakfast Shooters!

Pancake Breakfast Shot -
Take the most important meal of the day and shove it into a 1.5 ounce glass! Jameson whiskey & butterscotch liqueur, with an orange juice chaser topped with bacon!

Twig Bakery Cinnamon Roll -
Fireball Whiskey and cream soda. So simple, yet so satisfying. Just like any cinnamon roll, have it for dessert - or make a meal out of it!

Fireball French Toast -
Whiskey? Yup. French toast? Yup. Well, sorta… Butterscotch schnapps, Fireball Whiskey, & Bailey’s Irish Cream in a sugar & cinnamon rimmed shot glass.