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The Other Place Bar and Grill is a great place with a relaxed atmosphere in Duluth, MN. We serve breakfast (all day, every day), lunch, and dinner.

We also have a full bar! If you enjoy watching sports and kicking back for some live entertainment, you’ve come to the right place! Swing into The Other Place today and check us out!

Did you know? We serve breakfast all day Friday, Saturday, & Sunday! The Other Place is known for providing Duluth with exceptional breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why don't you make it the best meal of your day? The Other Place is fully prepared to provide you with entertainment and sustenance from morning to well into the night. Ask about our breakfast menu today!

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The Other Place Bar & Grill welcomes requests for donations of merchandise or in-house experiences for applicable non-profit groups / fundraisers. The Other Place Bar & Grill will internally determine which donation types best fit your request. Donations must be used in a fundraising capacity (raffle prize, silent auction, etc.). Please complete the following form (short / descript answers are fine!) and submit via email (along with any event materials if available) for a request to be considered by our management. Please note there is no guarantee your submitted request will be approved.

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